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CLT technique used in Dalston, East London

Waugh Tistleton have designed a housing scheme currently under construction in Dalston. What is special for London (not Austria - as we know!) is that it is using CLT (cross laminated timber) technique for the main structure. LINK
Structural engineers are Ramboll. LINK


mid year reviews


Bregenz & Vorarlberg Region Field-trip

>>>BREGENZ  Kunsthaus Bregenz, Vorarlberg Museum, Festspielhaus, Gatekeepers House, Bathhouse Lochau >>>FELDKRICH  Recycling Centre, Montforthaus, River Ill Footbridge >>>LUDESCH Community Centre >>>SANKT GEROLD  Community Centre & Nursery, Riding Arena >>>ALTACH  Islamic Cementery  >>>RÖTHIS  Music House and Cafe >>>DORNBIRN  Cree Life Cycle Tower, Inatura Museum, Prefab Prototype System 3, Nursery, Stadtbad >>>KRUMBACH  Seven Bus Stops >>>HITTISAU  Firestation & Womens’ Museum  >>>ANDELSBUCH  Werkraum, Insurance Building >>>EGG  Nursery